Monday, September 21, 2009

Wood by way of Delaware

Dean Hoover from Lewes, Delaware 12 handy-dandy holders. Can you tell what they hold?

It was one of the projects during a youth weekend. Can you tell where they are?

Here's another view.

Finished product

Yes, they're toilet paper holders. We have enough for all the bathroom stalls in the ACC. Thanks, Dean.

Dean also made this beautiful bench out of cedar from one of our trees that came down several years ago.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Mirror, Mirror on the Walls

Liseli Haines is having fun putting on the finishing touches to the renovations. This blog will feature most of the newly installed mirrors. See if you can identify which room you are seeing.

This room looks a lot bright with the curtains open.

The mirrors are individually chosen to fit the space.

This photo was obviously taken when it was warmer than it is now.

The "bigger toilet"

Around the corner from the last photo ...

Do you know where this bathroom is? Hint: notice the little tub

Liseli is putting shelving and hooks in the rooms now. Stay tuned.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

July 18, 2009 - The ACC Celebration

It was a wonderful day with close to 150 people dropping by and enjoying the newly improved ACC. A huge thanks to Christine Koster and Katherine Wood, 2 of our staff, who coordinated our celebrations. Walking down from the parking lots, F/friends saw

Most of the photos in this blog were taken by Margery Rubin. THANKS, Marge. They're wonderful.

The table was staffed all day by volunteers of all ages and staff. Chris was ably assisted by Aidan
and Sawyer. F/friends were given schedules and encouraged to find things that interested them. Here are some of the activities.

Blowing bubbles by young and old

If bubbles weren't your favorite, there was always ultimate Frisbee.

or may be face painting

Photo by AD

and an impromptu play using clothes from our dress up closet

Of course, many friends wanted to watch and cheer.

While the activities were going on, our cooks prepared both lunch and dinner with lots of watermelon in between. Here's Anita Thacker with our bread.

Can't you just taste it?

We did our traditional "let's circle up" time and sang a song before we started down the food lines. After lunch, it was more of the same - with activities, a scavenger hung and singing with George and Jean Seiler.

The Seiler's

For supper, we had picnic fare prepared by Sam, Alex and Edie Kramer. After dinner, we had an official time to thank all the people who made the ACC renovation possible starting with Sandra Beer, our fundraising consultant; donors to the cause; volunteers, vendors and staff.

Here's Liseli Haines, our property manager, with Peter Nelson of CNS who was our contractor. After we thanked Peter, he said how much he enjoyed working with all of us. Staff estimates that we had over 1,000 volunteer hours.

It was so much fun that Marcie and Margaret are ready to do it all over again -- well, maybe just phase II - you can see their joy in this photo.

A good day was had by all.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Unwinding projects

It's the annual long weekend for Unwinding -- from school, jobs and other responsibilities.

It is also the time for several work projects during the weekend. But first, the Unwinding ... after they removed the sofas from the game room. Doesn't it look relaxing?

Some of the other work projects include creating this mural in the library. This is Friday's crew.

Saturday's crew has continued creating ... You'll see the finished product next weekend at the Celebration.

One of Friday's projects was creating this walkway from the breezeway between the library door and Hogo. This will make Jen Gorman, our housekeeping manager much happier -- less mud.

You've seen the last step in several incarnations. The youth added the slate today - so when they're going barefoot, they don't have to walk on the stones. Now we just need a stonecutter to finish off both ends. Any volunteers?

We also had a group working on the 2nd floor siding. There are only a couple of strangely shaped pieces left to do.

This is our ACC. Thanks to everyone: children and youth, $$ contributors, work crews, individual volunteers who have come through this year long process as well as the wonderful professionals who created structure out of Margaret Lew's drawings. Bless you all.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Year Ago and Today

As the rains continued to come down over the last 2 weeks, it took me back to last year when I was fretting about the rain slowing up the renovation process. Here we were in the 4th week of June and this is how far we had gotten? Is that all? Take a look at these photos and remember.

The sun porch floor is in the foreground.

looking towards the dining room

It rained so often this year that when Jen mowed, it created a labyrinthian site. This is week 54.

How we look today - week 56.

Friday, June 26, 2009

First floor siding finished! And stepping out

Last weekend Liseli worked on the last steps off the deck.

She found larger rocks to fill in after deciding on the shape of the last step.

Finished product.

Between youth conferences and the recent rainstorms, Chris spent part of her time siding. Here she is working on the last section above the patio.

Mike putting on the last board - a very strange shape up in the corner.

The finished bits and pieces of the first floor siding are easily seen here - and did you notice that the grass seed has sprouted? It won't be long before Jen has to mow it.